David's Project #1

Setting up the blog so I can add pictures. :) 

The Good, The Bad, and The Smelly

We have had our little ones for about 5.5 months now, and it has been an emotional rollercoaster!I think the hard part about fostering is the constant state of "unknowing" that we are in. We never know if they will be staying, going, transitioning to a new home. I would call this "The Bad." On the flip slip, "The Good," we are experiencing parenthood. Seeing Baby Boy stand today was exciting! And Baby Girl crawling is exciting after all she has gone through. But man, do they produce the most awful smells. Warm milk burps. Broccoli farts. Teething sour poops.

Cats can flatten

I have a grumpy old cat named shadow. She always seems to be in the way. One day I was in the baby room with the gate shut (to keep curmudgeon kitty at bay) when a scene straight from a horror movie unfolded. Shadow flattened her body and squeezed through the bars.

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